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Where it all started

Effectus Physio was born from our desire to offer the highest quality physiotherapy care available.

The name Effectus is derived from the Latin word for performance, which represents our overarching vision: for everyone to perform at their best.

Our goal is to help you achieve long-term, lasting results by providing evidence-based treatment and teaching proven self-management techniques - not locking you into an endless treatment program.

Whether your goal is to improve on-field performance, attain better agility in your weekend hobbies or simply enjoy free movement in everyday life, we are here to help.


Evidence-Based Treatment

Contemporary medicine is ever-evolving, and keeping pace with new research and technology is vital. We are committed to ongoing professional development to ensure we provide you with the very latest in evidence-based treatment.

Longer Consultations

We believe in longer consultations to properly listen, assess and treat our patients to the highest standard, which is why our standard consult is 45 minutes. At Effectus, you will never be rushed through or given a condensed version of advice.



Many practices preach exercise as a solution, but lack the facilities needed to offer effective treatment. Our fully equipped rehab facility allows us to accurately assess your needs, and offers you a supportive environment where you can return to your best.

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